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about what your dreams actually mean

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Apr 1, 2020

Anonymous tells us about a dream where her boyfriend leaves her for someone else. We try to determine whether this whole dream is just a burn regarding the boyfriend’s judgment.

(content warning: cursing)

Mar 18, 2020

Lizzy tells us about a dream where she tries to go to a beautiful intersection that may or may not exist. We think about the degree to which reality and dreams can contaminate each other, and wonder about how rigid one should be when chasing after ideals. 

(content warning: cursing)

Mar 11, 2020

Gwen tells us about a dream where she unexpectedly ends up at a sex bar (but is not alarmed). We talk about marine flora and fauna and social disconnection. 

(content warning: cursing, and explicit descriptions of genitalia and sexual acts)

Mar 4, 2020

Ben tells us about a dream where he feels uncomfortable and breaks his phone screen. We talk about the human soul and apply the Marie Kondo method (with inconclusive results).  

(content warning: cursing)

Feb 26, 2020

Lucas tells us about a happy-dream-turned-stressful-nightmare that he had when he was a child. We debate whether anything in life has any meaning at all.

(content warning: cursing)